Aug. 2nd, 2037

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Name: Q
Contact info:(AIM,YIM,MSN,Email,ect.) AIM: AnarchicQ Gmail: AnarchicQ at gmail dot com

Requested Character: Mindy Walker-Hayes, Purple Haze (Molly Hayes/Bruiser, Hit-Girl/Mindy McCready, Molly Walker)
Character Journal: [personal profile] purplehazegirl
Characters Age: 12 and 1/4
Hero or Villain: Hero
Series of Origin: Runaways, Kick-Ass, Heroes
Universe of Origin: Amalgam (Marvel, Marvel, DC)

Personality: As Purple Haze, she's guarded, arrogant and standoffish when first meeting people but in her civilian form she's sweet, kind, shy and caring. She loves hats, stuffed toys and baby animals. She likes to put her long brown hair in pigtails.
Background: Mindy Walker-Hayes was the daughter of parents who loved her. They were like any normal people except her mother was a Mutant who could locate other mutants and was also super-strong. For as long as she could remember the three of them were on the run from "bad people" who wanted to hurt mutants. From an early age her parents trained her to use weapons for defence and offence because at any moment the Bad People could find them.
One day the Bad People did indeed find her family. She arrived home from school to find her mother murdered, her father cradling her fallen body. Her skill cap was completely removed and the brains were nowhere to be found. Mindy lashed out, stomping her feet and punching the wall. In her grief she left dents in the wall and floor that no normal child should be able to. She fell asleep.

She woke someplace new, a secret hide-out. Sad that it wasn't a dream, her father told her that the Bad People had taken her mom and that now they had to get the bad people first.
With her new powers of super-strength and a thirst for vengeance Mindy and her father transformed themselves into lethal vigilantes, systematically taking out The Bad People.

Perhaps they had grown cocky because eventually they fell into a trap set by The Bad People and Mindy was forced to watch her father be tortured to death. Mindy managed to escape, killing many of the Bad People along the way, but now she is in their sights.

And they are in hers.
Sexuality: Straight
Powers and/or Special Skills: Super-strength. Mindy can bench close to 100 tons
Clairvoyance. She can "find people", sensing other super powered individuals.
Invulnerability. She seems to be able to handle more damage than most little girls her size and age.
Glowing eyes when using her power.
Weapon's knowledge.
Combat knowledge.
After using her power she comes very lethargic and often falls asleep.
Current Location: NYC


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